after some mix up about which campagnolo we were going to
(the original on main street or the new roma on east hastings)
we ended up at the original for a friend's birthday the other night

o.m.g. - the food is wonderful!
i had the crispy ceci salad to start - flash fried chick peas - genius!
i was totally in heaven!
and the risotto as a main
i wasn't wild about the hazelnuts in my squashy cheesy risotto, but otherwise it was heaven as well
i shared both the salad and the risotto and found that to be the perfect amount of food
others at my table had the pizzas which looked fabulous and tasted like real italian pizza,
and the salumi platter, which they say was delicious

beer-wise the choices are quite limited
they do have r&b by the bottle and the tap though (bohemian lager and eponymous ale)
i would like to see a larger beer menu as their wine list is a good size

unfortunately the service was not amazing
it took an hour for our food to arrive
there was a private party in the back lounge but we were not advised of this fact when ordering
only when the wait for our food had become intolerable and we looked about to fade away did our server mention that fact
she did take 15% off our mains to try to make amends
i was not totally appeased
but i am kind of a jerk...

i would totally go back again
the food was just too good to let little things like bad service and too small beer menu turn me off forever
will i go back there tomorrow?
nah, there are plenty of other places with awesome food who have better beer lists!!


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