link love

a master cicerone's view of the state of the craft
and are we losing sight of the craft in craft beer?

lagunitas chicago opens

5 tips for better ipas

14 ways to make craft beer part of your wedding
(obviously a list for the slightly less beer obsessed people out there - craft beer is automatically part of everything i do...)

more annoying reporting about women in beer
calling them babes and broads and making it seem newsworthy that women brew beer
don't get me wrong, i'm thrilled women like beer
i'm thrilled women brew beer
and i support any woman who wants to be in a women's beer club so she doesn't get mansplained to or hit on
but c'mon people, can't we just get past gendering beer?

fuggles & warlock's newest gypsy brew

happy hour arrives in bc
but is it really cause for celebration?


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