i so want this place to be my perfect bar
it's close to my house
it has 40 taps of beer i like
(and yes i know they rotate, but c'mon 40 taps of great american beer?  of course i'm gonna like them)
it has yummy food
including the best beer and cheese sauce on earth

and you knew there'd be a but!
they have some work to do

for my drinking pleasure, the place is too dark
i can barely read the menu
ambiance is one thing, dimness is another

for my drinking pleasure, the music is often too loud
and no, i'm not eighty years old!
seriously, i don't want to be yelling at the friend next to me at the pub
i am at a pub so that i can converse with my friends
if i want pumping, thumping techno beats i'll go to a club

honouring the $2 off parking that avanti's used to would be nice
making the waffle the same size as the 'put a bird on it' at portland craft would be nice

and yes, i have made all these suggestions to the very friendly folks at stateside craft
they have seemed to be genuinely interested in what patrons have to say
stateside craft isn't officially open yet
so hopefully these are just growing pains
and along with getting the staff properly beer trained
and making the food consistent
they'll find that happy place where the lighting is mood-enhancing and the music good background to my fascinating conversations
and i'll really be able to call stateside craft my cheers
did i mention the amazing beer and cheese sauce?!


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