further evidence that it is good to be me a lot of the time
(please see the above as an exercise in appreciation, not better-than-thouing):

i attended a lovely soirée at the new steamworks brewery in burnaby on tuesday evening
just two blocks east of boundary road, it's almost in vancouver!

the new brewery has been cranking out beer for a while now
and the tasting room has been serving up growlers and tasters for a couple of weeks
but it doesn't feel officially opened until there's a party, right?

on offer were tasters of four steamworks beers
paired with appies incorporating the beer into the recipe:
pilsner with shrimp and corn on potatoes
jasmine ipa with pork steam buns
wheat with duck confit
and frambozen with cream puffs

plus tours of the brewery
(i got to lay eyes on all the pretty tanks and the centrifuge)
it sure is pretty in there - both the brewery and the tasting room
just check out this lovely wall in the tasting room:

not destined to get a lot of foot traffic, the tasting room is definitely worth visiting
so if you're at all in the neighbourhood, stop by!
3845 william street, just east of boundary road


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