the charles

i took advantage of my free beer coupon last week
and visited the charles
its quite a swank new pub in the woodwards building
not sure if its owned by the same folks as pivo, but they're related somehow

the food menu looks amazing
not that i tried any of it, my visit was strictly a beer occasion
but i sure was tempted

the beer list is nothing to write home about
and certainly not as good as pivo's
but it was decent and we enjoyed our free pints of the whistler pale ale
heck, we even had a pitcher after we drank our freebies!

love the bathrooms!
they are all single stall affairs with contained sink
four of them i believe, down a hallway
half marked for women, half for men
and boy, were they ever nice!

lots of big screen televisions
great lighting and comfy seating
i might just go there again!

oh, and the woodwards original w is just outside the door!


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