round two!

last weekend i had the opportunity to try a couple of beers again - yay!

as part of anna's and my tasting afternoon on friday, we went with the tin whistle black widow ale
i thought this would be a good one since anna likes the dark beers, but not the terribly hoppy ones
i already knew i liked it, would it be a good choice for anna?
you better believe it - she liked it too!

black as night and opaque as treacle
this truly is a mild ale
very nicely roasty malty
not much on the hop side, nor the thick and creamy side
this one is just a very drinkable black ale
i could drink it all day i tell ya!
on saturday night at timbre
while everyone else was eating the elk and playing with the kangaroo balls bottle opener,
i had the elysian immortal ipa again
its not the hoppiest ipa on the block but it is quite a lovely brew
floral and aromatic and bitter

i must admit that I did happily move on to the red racer ipa to finish the night though
i am a very happy camper that the gib on tap has made way for the central city goodness!


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