oh lord! i love me a cask

had the cask at railway last night
it was the howe sound cascadian dark ale "gathering storm"
tried it kegwise at st. augustines and the alibi
found it hoppier at both of those
so wonder if the keg needed more aging to make them hops come out
or if its just one of those things

either way, its a thing of beauty and a joy to behold
and these types of things make me very happy
as does the great company trying these things
thank you to everyone who tasted them all with me!!
you know you rock, but sometimes you just need to hear it again!

i still think the name, cascadian dark ale kinda sucks
but i do love me a black ipa!!!
hoppy and dark - what a great combination
more, more, more please

and, looking forward to the central city dry-hopped ipa at the railway next tuesday night!!


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