pub crawl!

lord almighty, i pub crawled last night and lived to tell the tale!
okay, it was more of a meander, we only made it to four stops
but the last one was so comfy and we had our own room, we decided to stop venturing out in the rain and just stay put
that i think is the biggest difference between pub crawling in your twenties and doing it when you're a little older
knowing that enjoying where you are is more important than checking off 12 pubs on your list!

we started at 3 at anna's place for sushi and ipas (southern tier unearthly and howe sound devil's elbow)
then hit the charlatan, where joy of joys they now have fat tug on tap!
then the libra room, where i enjoyed the anchor steam
and finally falconetti's, where we had the whole upstairs room to ourselves, and our own bartender - how could we possibly leave there?
okay, well shortly before 2 we kicked ourselves out!

good times, good friends, good beers
does my heart and soul good!


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