okay, so its almost january
and in january i do a cleanse
every year
the cleanse means that i don't drink beer for a whole month

this year, i'll just be cleansing for three weeks, because i leave for mexico on the 21st and i'm certainly not going to miss out on any fun vacation time cleansing!
so its just three weeks without beer this time
but still, its three weeks

which leads me to wonder what the heck i'll blog about for those three weeks
and the two following when i'll be in mexico

friends, i think there's gonna be a hiatus on the blog
minimal posting for three weeks and then a 2.5 week vacation from posts altogether
i would love to say that i'll miss you
but i'd be exaggerating
i'll be miserable for three weeks without my beer
but then when i'm on vacation, i won't even be thinking about all y'all!
i'm selfish that way!


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