tasting notes

i had the pleasure of trying the cask at the railway last tuesday
central city red racer ipa - dry-hopped

the dry hops caused some issues early in the evening by bursting from their restraining device and clogging the spout
much of the precious nectar ended up gracing the pub floor
but what made it into pitchers through the strainer was good stuff!
bitter as all heck and uber hoppy
citrus nose, but mostly bitter on the tongue
you could feel this one in the back of your throat!
not all the hops made it into the strainer, some ended up in my glass
but that couldn't take away from the over all yummy

oh no! hops down!
word on the street had it that it was just a touch over 5%
but i gotta tell you, one glass near about put me on my ass, so i'd wager that the abv was higher than 6%
it paired quite nicely with the nachos we had to keep ourselves from falling out of our chairs after having a second glass!


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