tasting notes

some random tasting notes from the weeks passed

had the swans coconut porter with anna
definitely not a session beer
that first sip is way too sweet
but i like the coconut aftertaste
quite an interesting little brew...
but i feel like now that i've tried it, i won't be going there again

also with anna i tried the noire de chambly by unibroue
i don't like unibroue as they use belgian yeast, but i thought i'd try the dark since it was on offer
quite carbonated
and yes, it is dark
but its still belgiany and that makes it unenjoyable to me

at the alibi on november 27th i had the opportunity to taste dave varga's dry-hopped indian arm ipa from the cask
it was full of dry-hop floaties, which look so pretty when the light hits them
quite a pale golden colour
amazing hop aroma and flavour
so good i wanted a second...
but instead moved on to the howe sound gathering storm
which i've said before in previous posts that i do love
had i known i'd be drinking so much of it these days though, i probably would have gone for the second glass of the ipa!


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