tasting notes

at last week's beernesday at st. augustine's i began my evening with a pint of the deschutes inversion ipa
definitely one of my faves
"a trio of american hops deliver an over-the-top nose with hints of citrus.  surprisingly soft, caramel complexity for an 80 ibu ipa"

then i moved to the crannog ales 10th anniversary fresh-hopped ipa
100% organic. dry-hopped with farm-fresh golding hops.  5.2%
no hop nose, can't immediately taste the hops, but sure can feel them in my mouth
as i adjust to this beer after the uber-hoppy inversion, i'm starting to get the hops
and my the end, i was really getting into it

next up was the hopworks abominable winter ale
7.5%  100% organic.  made with cascade, centennial and simcoe hops and six organic malts, has a complex floral, spicy and citrus hoppiness backed up by just the right amount of malt sweetness
omg - a winter ipa!
its a fabulously hoppy brew!
i think this is my favourite winter ale
although i think it might be cheating to pick this one since really, its an ipa...

and lastly i had the rogue mogul madness
6.3%  hoppy, caramel aroma, burgundy in colour with an off-white head.  intense flavours of citrus, and complex notes of nuts, berries and mocha
but do you think i remembered to take notes at all?
pretty sure i liked it...

hopefully they have the mogul madness and the abominable this week as well
i'd like the chance to try them both again

oh, and bridget asked that i write down that she gives the backhand of god two hearts.


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