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newly available at the legacy liquor store in vancouver:

A small craft brewery in Southeast Portland, Oregon inspired by European brewing tradition and Pacific Northwest ingredients, The Commons Brewery, formerly Beetje (Flemish for little) Brewery, started small in the summer of 2010 with nothing more than a single barrel nano system in Mike Wright’s garage. Jump to the summer of 2011 and The Commons Brewery has moved from the garage to a 7BBL commercial space and bottle conditioned beer. Striving to produce brews with moderate alcohol and refreshing, unique character courtesy of yeast strains originating in Europe—truly a beer lover’s paradise—these brews are sessionable and geared towards friends, family and sharing time with one another. So grab a bottle or two and gather ’round!

The Commons Brewery Urban Farmhouse - $13.75
A farmhouse ale that fits the bill after a sweltering day working the land. Hazy straw yellow in colour with baking spice, floral hops and a bit of yeast in its aroma, while more spice (coriander for instance), a touch of citrus and a lovely bittering courtesy of Willamette, Golding and Hallertauer make up the palate. Two words: nailed it.

Joel Wilson | Beer Team | Legacy Liquor Store

The Commons Brewery Flemish Kiss - $13.75
Belgian Pale Ale? Yes, please! This rusty, amber coloured beer smells delicious with appearances of funk and raspberry sweetness. Palate-wise, this particular brew shows off more Brett, strawberries, figs and cereal malt. Complex and tasty, it represents Belgian Pale Ale perfectly, and turns up the volume with a bit of funk.

Chris Bonnallie | Beer Supervisor | Legacy Liquor Store


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