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petition to get craft beer into local stadiums
totally a topic i have been looking into myself

double trouble and the royal york fairmont partner on an 85th anniversary brew
1929 cream ale
i'm not a big fan of cream ales, but i suppose i'll try this when i'm in toronto at the end of june

people seem to think this is a good idea
me, i don't wanna see most of you naked, so i'll skip this beer fest thanks!

an update to jan zeschky's new bc microbreweries list for 2014

an older article by joe wiebe in bc living
mapping vancouver's hoppiest neighbourhoods

beer lollipops

vancouver's craft beer scene explodes
a loveletter from a washington state writer

don't want the tv on while you drink beer?  these vancouver craft beer spots have no tv
i have also mentioned several non-tv bars in my column in the bc craft beer news

ooooh, pretty!  a ceramic beer sleeve
that is every bit as slick and stylin' as my new stainless steel innate saison sleeve

an update from paddy treavor about his ongoing campaign to get the government to enforce serving sizes of beer
summed up, here's what you can do on social media:
"Take a photo (or video) of your less-than-a-20oz-pint next to the sign that says “pint” and email or tweet it to @VanEastbeerblog, @CAMRABC @CAMRA_YVR along with the hashtags #FUSS and #servingitwrong and CAMRA & VanEast Beer Blog will help spread the word."


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link love

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