alibi room

oh alibi room!
why do you have so many more beers than i can drink in a night?

i began with a cask last night
central city's red racer dry-hopped with simcoe
and it was fantastic
could have been a little more carbonated
but otherwise a stellar ipa!

next up i decided to double my hops pleasure
with the lost coast limited release double trouble ipa
and holy hops batman, was it ever a citrusy bitter little number

why i didn't just have small pours of the above two, i don't know
but there were still too many beers i wanted to try on the menu that i had to go with a frat bat!

from left to right:
conrad's marris otter cascade hopped session ale
tofino hop cretin ipa
tariq's wrath of khan ipa
red truck cherry lemonade cask

loved the first three, did not at all care for the cherry lemonade
at 3.8% i can see drinking the session ale on a summer patio for hours!
and the other two?  gosh darnit, i love me an ipa
colour me happy!


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