women and beer

blah blah blah
women and beer
blah blah blah

yes, women are an untapped beer market
but if you keep pandering to what you think they want rather than asking, you're likely to keep that market untapped

enough with the stupid articles about women and beer cocktails, women and low-calorie beers, women and fruity pink beers
dammit, as many men drink those things as women
and very soon just as many women as men will be drinking all the beautiful craft beers out there because they are tasty and good quality... and rarely advertise misogynistically

plus, hops are wonderful creatures, especially for women
i think more and more women are going to drink beer, realize it makes them feel good
and go back for more!

in the meantime
can we all just drink beer (quality beer!) without making it about the binary gender stereotypes?


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