tap and barrel

tap and barrel in olympic village in vancouver is not officially open yet
but they have been soft-opening for over a week now
which is kinda cool - you get to tell them what you think of everything and the servers are all very willing to go and find out the answers to all of your questions
and believe me, i asked a whole lotta questions!

tap and barrel features all local bc products
food, beer and wine
the beer and the wine are on tap
yes, you read that correctly - wine on tap!

peanut butter and bacon jelly make several appearances on the current menu
apparently they believe that peanut butter is a great way to show off locally sourced food
why not?

i began with the pretzel, because i love a pretzel
normally only served with one sauce (your choice of mustard, beer & cheese or pb and bacon jelly)
i got them to give me a second sauce because i need cheese and mustard to properly enjoy a pretzel
the beer and cheese sauce is amazing!  the mustard is mustardy... together they are a power to be reckoned with
thumbs up on this pretzel!

paired very nicely indeed with a lovely central city red racer ipa
20oz my friends, 20oz!

tap and barrel is quite a large establishment, two floors of beer and wine
with two patios, one up and a huge wrap around one downstairs right on the seawall
check out the fabulous sunset view

post-pretzel i ordered the mac and cheese, hold the meatballs
because its made with the same sauce as the pretzel beer and cheese - yay!
the garlic bread crumbs on top where crispy and crunchy and the mac and cheese itself was flavourful without straying from being comfort food
its a winner!

the bathrooms are upstairs, but there is an elevator, and they are quite lovely
no wifi yet...
attentive, pleasant service
fabulous long bar
cool wine barrel decor
fun branding
yup, i look forward to many lost afternoons and evenings on the patio with their 24 taps
and delicious comfort food menu!


bitter tasting room is not as new
but it also has a pretzel on its menu
a wee little pretzel served on a pretzel stick that is slotted into your table (pretty cool!)
with two different mustards to enjoy
(watch out!  the whole grain one is spicy - in a hit you in the sinuses way)
it was late in the day and my pretzel had definitely been sitting around for a while before it made its way into my belly
i'd have to say the one at tap and barrel is better
both though are still not quite as good as the deschutes one
my quest for an amazing local pretzel at a craft beer establishment goes on...


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