legacy liquor store

new and exciting beers at legacy in vancouver:

Gigantic Brewing Company The City Never Sleeps Imperial Black Saison A new brewery coming out of Portland, Oregon. Belgian yeast, light roastyness, bakers chocolate, smoke. Something...different?
Nickel Brook Gluten Free
This gluten free beverage has the flavour that any beer lover will enjoy. Discover for yourself the satisfying and thirst quenching flavour of Ontarios first beer alternative.

R&B Brewing G'Ale Golden Ale
Made in collaboration with Vancouver Pride, this Golden Ale is easy drinking and refreshing! Grab a case for the weekend - while supplies last.
i had the g'ale on tuesday at the launch held at legacy
i'm not the biggest golden ale fan
but its a really drinkable beer
and barry (the b in r and b) said that they were going for a beer that lager drinkers and more adventurous palates alike could enjoy
i think they succeeded
and its an easy-drinking summer beer - kinda perfect for pride!
my story on the g'ale will be on youtube eventually
i'll post the link once its up


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