i think i am losing my ability to appreciate spice in my old age
i used to be able to pour on the hot sauce
but lately...
lately i'm finding all the chili beers i drink to be too spicy
they hurt my throat
drinking them is just not enjoyable

the exception remains rogue's chipotle ale
that one i can drink a whole pint of
more if i'm sick

tuesday night at the railway club the cask was central city's red chili white ale
i had a taster of it
and it hurt my throat
the flavour was lovely, but i couldn't get past the throat burn to have more than a couple of sips

same thing happened when i was in portland at burnside brewing
they had two spicy ales on the menu
i tried them both in my sampler
(and they do warn you that they contain the hottest pepper known to man)
they smelled divine, but i couldn't get past a sip
instant throat ache
instant disappointment

is it me?
or are people putting too much spice in the beer?
is it so wrong that i want just a hint of chili in my beer?
that i don't want the spice to overwhelm the beautiful beer behind it?

and will someone please make a very mild little chili beer?!


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