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saving the earth

saving the earth one beer at a time read more on how to re-use spent grain


from the camra vancouver newsletter: Tofino Brewing Company opened their doors to the public on Saturday April 16th, selling growlers of their first beer, Tuff Session Ale, a west coast style pale ale. Tofino Brewing brewmaster Dave Woodward (formerly of Brew House at Whistler), writes in to say the local response has been overwhelming, with Tofino residents consuming more than 300 growlers over the past week in addition to Tofino draught accounts. Hoppin Cretin IPA, Dave's next beer, will be on sale at the brewery this week. Dave describes this as a northwest IPA, well hopped with Columbus, Centennial, and Citra. 6.5%, 60 IBUs. Here's hoping we see some of this on our side of the Strait!

collaboration beer

the vcbw collaboration beer is ready! can't wait to get my paws on some cascadian dark ale (aka black ipa) = delicious! for the video, click here

women and beer

lordy, not only am i guest-listed for the vcbw women in beer night i've been tapped to give a five minute chat about being a female beer blogger yikes! so very exciting but lord, i have homework for vcbw!

white ipa

hmmm, i wonder if a white ipa would be to my liking? i mean, its still belgian but maybe the hops will be enough to overpower that confounded yeast that i just don't like! deschutes and boulevard are collaborating to make a white ipa for the brewbound story, click here

dammit janet!

i hate when i have what i think is a brilliant idea and then someone else beats me to it! dammit janet! next time i had a few weeks between contracts i was going to try to live on beer alone (don't think it would go over so well while at work...) and now there's a guy who did just that for lent (me, i just gave up chocolate, potato chips, ice cream and pizza - and i made it, all 46 damned days!) bah! for the article, click here


gonna be in cali on may 22nd? why not stop by the circus?? Join us for a day of circus entertainment, live music, craft beer tastings, food and a whole lot of freaky fun! A benefit for the Petaluma Music Festival featuring... Vau De Vire Society, Gooferman, Stilters, Clowns, Moral Minority, Kehoe Nation, Mimes, The Bed of Nails Guy, Swing Band, Neal Barbosa, Plate Spinners, Roller Girls, Sword Swallowers, Sideshows, HotDogs, Burlesque Acts, Contortionists, CornDogs, Trapeze Artists, BlockHeads, Cotton Candy, Jojo the Dog-Faced Boy, Jugglers, BBQ'd Oysters, Snake Dancers, Those Fabulous Fickle Brothers... 21 & Over Only! Tickets: $40, includes 10 tokens for the finest craft brew tastings Purchase Tickets at   or at the brewery in our Gift Shop!


i didn't realize when i grabbed the nostrodamus that it's a belgian beer all i saw were the words 'strong brown ale' and that was enough for me! it certainly is a strong brown ale and it is a belgian made in belgium even! i enjoyed the taster size glass i had of it but i won't be buying it again i really wish i could get over my inability to enjoy the belgians it pains me to have to avoid such a large category of beers! BRASSERIE CARACOLE Truly artisanal Brasserie La Caracole is located in a small village Falmignoul, Province of Namur, Wallonia in southern Belgium, close to the French border. Their products are being distributed in Belgium, Italy, France, Holland, Switzerland and Japan. Their portfolio consists of four stock ales:  Caracole  8% abv,  Nostradamus  9.5% abv,  Saxo  8% abv,  Troublette 5% abv All beers are presented in 11.2 fl. oz. / 33 ml. metal crown bottles as well as in 25.4 fl. oz. / 750ml champagne bottles with cork and metal cage.


this has been a long weekend of imbibing here are just some of the lovely beers to pass my lips

link love

for pike's summer release, the dry wit, click here for deschutes brewing's newsletter and facebook page information, click here for the huffington post article about brewing royal virility beer, click here for the flying dog newsletter, click here

50 book challenge

April addition: Preston & Child - Fever Dream Nicholas Pashley - Cheers!  An Intemperate History of Beer in Canada yes - its a beer book!!! and a bloody funny one at that i strongly suggest all y'all read it i'll lend you my copy as soon as i finish pulling out a million funny quotes for this blog!

rogue news


railway cask night

well, it wasn't the promised agave cactus wheat ale, but it was delicious!! r & b's esb

camra spring sessional

oh the beers i did drink! camra vancouver's spring sessional featured a schwack load of casks all intended to be below 3.5% abv most made the 3.5% cut, but a few did not all however, were big on flavour! and this cask event saw the birth of the "wall of casks" the wall was a thing of beauty and a joy to behold but boy, did it ever make for crazy cramped quarters when you're back there pouring! still, having the central place to procure beer left the rest of london pub for mingling which i found to be an improvement over the winter fest at st. augustine's that featured casks all around the outside of the establishment leaving only the crowded centre for mingling and, patting myself and all the other amazing pourers on the back here, the line up at the central location did not ever get unbearably long so, thumbs up to camra executive (and president martin who built it) for the novel wall of casks! i managed to try most of the casks, skipping only

beer geekery

stolen from my friend's facebook photo credit rhiannon lee helmes (and no idea which lovely alcohol selling establishment this is actually at... but i'm intrigued!)

citra ipa

i love the dead frog citra ipa yes, oh yes i do! it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside just like a good hoppy beer should and for that i am eternally grateful! i have had this elixir on tap at places like st. augustine's and purchased the big ole bottles from specialty beer stores and i like it all! the bottle says: 6.5% dead frog citra ipa is a high hopped, high alcohol, high bitterness true ipa that is like an invigorating open handed slap of citrus awesomeness!!! you hold in your hands the pinnacle of brewing innovation.  beermaster series is a harmonious combination of premium quality beer and ingenious flavour design.  we bestow upon you the finest beer in the universe!  cheers! i'm bummed that it is only a limited release but i guess they sure did leave me wanting more! and i hear that maybe, just maybe it will be popular enough to make it into regular rotation is my love strong enough?? for the brewed awakening story on the citra ipa, click here C

women in beer

guess who just got guest-listed for a fabulous vcbw event??? for the very slow, but lovely all the same, it's me! finally being a blogger comes in handy! oh, and that whole being a girl thing too... this is where i'll be and i couldn't be more pleased! i either already know and love, or can't wait to meet and totally admire, everyone on the panel and i'll be eating chocolate again by then - yay, yay and oh, um, yay! Signature Event Republic 958 Granville St, Vancouver  (map) 6:00pm – Late $55  all inclusive The Donnelly Group Presents Women and Beer II Still think the craft brewing industry is a boys club? Allow us to prove you wrong by showing you what the industry’s finest females have on offer. Join us at Republic for five small-plate courses paired with beers from R&B, Howe Sound, Mt Begbie, Crannog, Saltspring Island Ales, Spinnakers as well as a special ladies only collaboration beer brewed just for this event. Sounds great? Well that’s not al

phillips and rogue

the lovely beer pairing dinner of last week:  here we all are with our pre-dinner pints the ginger beer arrived first at 7:15 i had already had several pints by this point not so much that i couldn't appreciate the lovely ginger beer but enough so that food with my beer would have been welcome (note to self:  stop drinking before dinner!) course one - meat option - cured pork belly soup course one - pescetarian option - ahi tuna soup unfortunately my first bowl of soup was mushroomed fortunately my server loves me and got me a new one everyone raved about the amazing pairing of ginger beer with the pork belly soup but there was a request for more kimchi in the soup to improve the pairing me, i just love ginger beer and think it goes with most things! "what is the creature on top?" asked theresa "pork fat" replied tasha happy eye rolls and licking of chops ensued "porktastic" exclaimed alison originally the ginger beer wa

railway cask night

last week`s cask... served a little too cold on the tapping the further we got into our potent little glasses the more the whiskey made itself known warm for sure, to much alcohol, i didn't think so i had a dinner to get to right afterwards so i tried to be prudent and only have the one glass prudent or not, that one glass went right to my head! and in honour of the play-offs to begin the next night, railway staffers got creative and built their own arena, fully equipped with jumbo-tron as well! i love crafts! if my plans do not go ahead tonight, i am intrigued to try the r&b agave cactus wheat ale on tap this week


i asked a friend who is into herbs and naturalism to do a little hops research for me this is what she came up with: "Totally fascinating! What I could gather is that boiling the hops does not counteract their medicinal properties. It seems in old remedies, the hops would be boiled into teas. So, like most herbs and plants it actually brings out more of its benefits. This makes a beer like a large tincture! It is just a highly concentrated amount of the plants that go into making it, and the alcohol is going to help preserve the properties and allow the body to absorb it a bit more. The only thing that I could see thwarting the benefits, is if the brewer adds extra additives or preservatives, uses non-natural sources of the plant, or if the beer has too high an alcohol content.(in which case the body doesn't absorb, the liver actually starts to fight the affects). I also found that hops can give their medicinal properties whether dry or boiled. People would fill a pi

women and beer

women liking beer women in brewing apparently are still remarkable phenomena if you think so, you might just wanna click here and read more about the beer lovin' women of detroit!

dead frog

while i'm not a fan of the pepper lime i am a fan of several of their other beers and encourage all y'all to hit up dead frog's open house in abbotsford on the 21st when they launch the summer mixer which includes the pepper lime alas i will be working while all the fun happens someone please go enjoy a free sample for me!


last week`s house party edition: