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in the category of beer-related: New Card Game Features 300+ U.S. Craft Breweries & Beers - ThinkingDrinking.Beer View this email in your browser New Card Game Features Craft Breweries, Beers Thinking & Drinking Launches Kickstarter Campaign - Press Release - With the support of more than 300 craft breweries from across the United States, Thinking & Drinking today launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter . Thinking & Drinking features more than 300 cards, each with a question designed to get players talking. Each card also includes t

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Because I just can’t say it enough times, lemme tell you what a great time it is to be a craft beer drinker in Vancouver.   Yes, I know I’m always saying that it’s a great time to be a craft beer lover, but it is true!   And it just keeps on getting better. The nay-sayers are predicting that this is a bubble that will eventually burst, and maybe they’re right. But for right now, and the foreseeable future, craft beer is booming, and we’re all the winners.   2015 is a mere four months old, and already we’ve had several new breweries open Province-wide; a couple of breweries have added craft cider to their line-ups; two out of town breweries are opening up brewing spaces in Vancouver; and one of Alberta’s large breweries has opened a Vancouver location – Big Rock Brewing opened an Urban Eatery on West 4 th (coincidently at the corner of Alberta) on April 10th.   Big Rock says that it’ll keep the Vancouver location local by brewing small batches on site from local ingredien

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i'll be on cbc radio one's on the coast with gloria macarenko this afternoon at 5:50 pm. chatting about how great it is to be a craft beer lover in vancouver you know, like i always do! 88.1 fm 690 am

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wow, it's another wee one this week what's up with the lack of fun beer stuff ending up in my feeds? why millennials go to beer festivals is craft beer about to go to war with itself? pop stars and craft beer and trademarking and branding


 NEWS RELEASE:      Top Shelf at BC Distilled   The Results are in for the 2015 BC Distilled Best of Show    BC Distilled tasting glasses. Photo by Charles Zuckermann   Vancouver B.C., April 24, 2015   - On Saturday, April 18, over 600 local spirits enthusiasts sampled their way through the province's finest offerings at BC Distilled , British Columbia's premier micro-distillery festival . With two sold out public events, fourteen unique vendors to the previous year and a pop-up Legacy Liquor Store  added, BC Distilled 2015 proved that the micro-distillery industry in British Columbia is here to stay.    Attendees of BC Distilled were invited to choose their favourite vodka, gin and other spirit from twenty-two small-batch distilleries who showcased over seventy different locally made products at the event. There were eleven winners in the three categories with Sons of Vancouver's Amaretto receiving the most votes of any spirit at the sh

got baggage you want to unload?

if you've got some baggage you'd like to unload, strange fellows can help you out (no actual witches will be harmed in the festival): Celebrate Walpurgisnacht & Burning the Witches with Strange Fellows Brewing   Strange Day #4 at Strange Fellows Brewing April 24th to 30th, 2015 VANCOUVER – According to many European folkloric traditions, the night of April 30 is thought to be a tug of war between evil and good, dark and light, the leave of winter and the birth of spring, with evil, darkness and winter personified by a witch. Strange Fellows Brewing will celebrate this magical evening in our own fashion. Starting April 24th, we encourage you to drop by for a glass of seasonal beer and rid yourself of something that you have been carrying around all winter – be it a sin, evil thought, or fear. Attach your confession to our “Winter Witch”, and on the night of April 30th we will burn the witch, purging the way for a lighter spring. Strange Fellows is a craft br

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from phillips: A New-Zealand Inspired Seasonal Sipper   April 20th 2015: Inspired by the land of the Kiwi, Apteryx is a brand new fruity IPA that features New-Zealand grown Nelson Sauvin hops. The hop is a relative newcomer, first appearing in 2000 after careful cultivation, and imparts such a distinctive white wine “fruitiness” that Sauvin portion of the name was actually borrowed from the Sauvignon Blanc grape.   Apteryx pours a clear apricot colour with a marshmallow white head.  A medium-bodied malt base highlights notes of tropical fruits, gooseberries, nettles, and freshly crushed grapes.  Finishes dry. You can find this refreshing seasonal sipper at craft-focused private stores for a limited time only, or you can pop by the brewery this Thursday from 4-6 for a special draft tasting.

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just a wee one today: central city takes over dix and sours shall flow!


i have been meaning to do a post about craft cider for a couple of weeks now (ever since camra's ciderwise event, in fact) and now the georgia straight has beaten me to it! i was fortunate enough to be sent a sample of the bc tree fruits cider, broken ladder, at the beginning of the month - in a lovely wooden box, with accompanying branded glassware i have nothing but good things to say about the cider it's crisp, it's tart, it's incredibly drinkable and it's a local product so much win! i am also a big fan of cider riot's offerings and not just because i find the cidermaker himself very attractive! abe makes the ciders in the cidery he built at his house in portland and imports them to vancouver (via copper & theory) if you can find any of the "never give an inch" blackberry cider, buy it! the "everybody pogo" is a dry, hoppy cider and is available year round so it should be relatively easy to find in vancouver then

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gonna be in seattle april 26th? check this out: The event: The Brewtal Truth Guide to Extreme Beers book signing with award-winning author Adem Tepedelen and special guest, Mastodon drummer / beer enthusiast Brann Dailor. Dailor – featured in the book – will be signing copies and talking beer and music alongside craft beer / heavy metal expert Tepedelen. The date: Sunday, April 26, 5 to 6 pm The location: Schooner Exact Brewery, 3901 1st Ave S., Seattle, Details:   The event is free. Books available on site for $20. The book: The Brewtal Truth Guide to Extreme Beers is ‘ a hugely entertaining read’ (The Vancouver Province) that describes and rates more than 100 unusual beers from around the world and draws parallels to the music scene, with profiles on craft-beer-loving metal musicians and extreme craft beer brewers. ‘Brewers these days are taking beer to extremes, and Tepedelen is just the writer to introduce drinkers to sever

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as if drinking beer wasn't already a positive experience, central city is offering you a way to make it even more positive, for yourself and for others: Central City Champions Autism Research with Red Racer IPA Raises funds for SFU’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy research for children with autism Surrey, B.C. – April is Autism Awareness Month and Central City Brewers + Distillers has launched their annual IPA for Autism fundraising initiative for Simon Fraser University’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and Magnetoencephalography (MEG) research for children with autism. Central City will donate $2 from every 6-pack of 355ml cans and $0.25 from every 473ml cans of specially marked Red Racer IPAs to autism research. In addition, $0.25 from every pint of IPA sold at participating BC restaurants and pubs will also be donated. Red Racer IPA is Central City’s best selling craft beer and is available in most Canadian provinces. Since 2012, Central City has raised a total of

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from new belgium: New Belgium Brewing’s Summer Seasonal, Skinny Dip, Takes the Plunge for Water Advocacy Light in calories, Skinny Dip offers a refreshing and sunny flavor, guilt-free Ft. Collins, Colo., April 13, 2015 – Skinny Dip, New Belgium Brewing ’s summer seasonal, makes another splash this year as a go-to beer for summer fun while supporting clean water and conservation. Now through July, Skinny Dip is turning its attention to the Waterkeeper Alliance , a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that stands for swimmable, drinkable and fishable waterways worldwide. To support this organization, New Belgium will donate $1, up to $10,000, to Waterkeeper Alliance for every fan photo posted to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #WaterkeeperDip. Skinny Dip and water advocacy go way back. Several years ago, New Belgium helped support efforts to reconnect the Colorado River to the sea, remove Condit Damn on the White Salmon, and bring awareness to the threatened Trestles surf b