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Beau's Brewing

Beau's Brewing Co. is located in Ontario.  I'm in BC.  So while I'd love to say that I got to sit down at the brewery with the lovely Beau's folks for this interview, I did not.  We went the new-fangled cyberspace way and conducted it over email. But!  But, I will get a chance to talk to Jennifer Beauchesne and brewer Brian O'Donnell in a few short weeks when they travel all the way across the country to attend the Great Canadian Beer Festival - and all I have to do is hop a ferry over to Victoria! (Full disclosure here:  the lovely Beau's folks sent me some beer samples, I get a media pass to attend GCBF because, well, I am a beer blogger you know, and I contributed to the Rwanda kickstarter.  Now you know.) I'm sure everyone's heard of Beau's, even way out on the Left Coast, but just in case you're hazy on the details:  Beau's is an organic brewery, established by the Beauchesne family in 2006 in Vankleek Hill Ontario (which i