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beer geekery

now i'm not even sure what's funny any more i tell you, its hard being me... but anyway, from my beer calendar:

tasting notes

gwen brought over the breakfast beers a few weeks ago and managed to bring over three i hadn't tried before way to go gwen! mt. begbie tall timber ale mt. begbie bob's your dunkel dead frog chocolate mint brown ale i thought perhaps chocolate mint was not going to pair very well with the mexican eggs i was making for breakfast, so we began with the mt. begbie tall timber ale and i'm glad we did - i'm a fan! it was a great pairing with eggs, veggie chorizo, goat cheese, hot sauce, guacamole and hash browns! its an english brown ale finished with kent golding hops and their website says it goes well with red meat and cheddar cheese to that i can add veggie chorizo and goat cheese! not too malty, not too hoppy, like goldilocks says, it was juuuuuust right! then we moved onto the dunkel which not very surprisingly i didn't like i mean, i have yet to meet a belgian beer i do like... so gwen gamely finished that one off while i moved on to the dead fro

women and beer

women and beer beer and women like music to my ears! if you agree, here's a project worth backing! for the love of beer

50 book challenge

while not specifically beer related i have decided to once again do the 50 book challenge (i.e. try to read 50 books in a calendar year) and post about all my reading prowess right here! yay for you! so, there will be a beer book, maybe three in my quest for 50 but the lion's share of books are going to be gratification of my insatiable quest for murder mysteries and silly vampire books lord help us all... spurred on by the four books i read while on vacation and the three i have devoured since being home, i am feeling like 50 could happen for me this year i've come close in the past but i can't recall ever actually reaching the specified fifty... let this be my year! JANUARY 2011 1. MaryJanice Davidson - Undead & Unwelcome 2. MaryJanice Davidson - Undead & Unworthy 3. Kim Harrison - White Witch, Black Curse FEBRUARY 2011 4. Christopher Moore - Coyote Blue 5. Christopher Moore - Island of the Sequined Love Nun 6. Jeff Lindsay - Dexter by Des

beer cans

fox news gives us the low-down on beer can history and the best brews in cans today to read, click here

tempest in a beer glass

more on the russell coaster issue... i posted a link to my previous post on my facebook and here are a couple of the responses i got from male friends: "I get what you are saying, and I think you know my opinion on homophobia. Having said that, as a guy, I was taught this as an etiquette thing, nothing to do with orientation. You don't look at a guys junk, while he's doing his business.  You don't try and look down a ladies top when she bends over. You know, that type of thing.  Hey, let's have a beer." " I kind of agree with [guy #1]. While I can see how it could be construed as being homophobic, I look at it more of a privacy issue than anything else. I wouldn't want anyone looking over the top of my stall either while I was doing my business .  That being said, I love to be a bit of a shit disturber and diliberately look over at other dudes just to make them un-comfortable. But I blame that on the six pack I am currently wizzing out. ;)&quo


let this be my open letter to russell brewing where i complain about one of their coasters i have posted photos of several of russell brewing's beer coasters over the past couple of months here in my blog under the title "beer geekery" because i thought they were cute and funny what a great idea to put funny things on the backs of beer coasters amuse the beer drinkers and have them think more positively about your brand its a sound plan but there's nothing cute and funny about homophobia way to piss off a bunch of loyal beer drinkers (yes, pun intended) who i can assure you will be thinking twice before drinking another russell product definite mis-fire on that sound planning i think a donation to out in schools and a review of all their "funny" coasters is in order for russell brewing heck, an apology and a recall of the offending coasters wouldn't hurt either as for me, i'm going to have to review all my posts of the russell co


some pics from this weeks debauchery (man, did i ever feel rough on thursday morning...)

put the lime in the corona

breaking news! this just in from my well-read and well-connected correspondent, alison: "Corona just sent us a press release. To end the "global lime shortage" they have bought 1 million limes so beer drinkers won't have to go without. "Specially trained lime handlers" will be in the streets giving away the limes to Canadians during the month of March. They have "cornered the market on limes" for Corona drinkers. Hmm, since when has cornering a market helped end a global shortage?" there's a global lime shortage? lime handlers will be giving canadians limes in march? do canadians drink corona in march?

gay beer

apparently those wacky mexicans have come up with gay beer for the globe & mail article, click here dagnabit, i wish i'd known while i was there i coulda tried it!

craft beer

improve your life with craft beer drink it at home drink it at the bar and encourage your local pub to stock it need convincing arguments of how it will benefit your local watering hole? watch this video !


you know, pics from last week's beernesday because i am lazy and am not posting as regularly as i should be


allergic to wheat? don't drink beer allergic to barley? don't drink beer too stupid to know there's wheat and barley in beer because its not listed on the label? brewer's association tells the government we're not that stupid !

three beavers

howe sound's three beavers is back! the total eclipse of the hops was very briefly back, but is apparently so popular that it's sold out everywhere i've looked for it (did manage to get me a couple of pints at st. augustine's last week... maybe there's a little tickle of it still left there...) the beavers though, those you can find and you should! for a review, click here

ipa championship

there's a u.s. national ipa championship? i never knew! read all about it here only one of my favourites is still in it (hopefully in it to win it!) green flash west coast ipa some of my favourites (unbelieveably to me) went out in the first or second round ballast point big eye ipa deschutes inversion ipa stone brewing ipa southern tier ipa unfortunately central city's red racer went down in the first round to fat head's headhunter must try some of these ipas i mean, if people say they're better than my known faves, then maybe they're pretty good!

half pints news

the latest half pints brewing blog is all about dumping a bad batch and putting brewing dates on the good stuff its a shame when a batch has to be dumped does it count as a sacrifice to the beer gods?

drunkest countries in the world

oh huffington post, you always write about the most interesting things! click here for the article about the drunkest countries in the world - the US didn't even crack the top 25...

fishy fishy fish

oh how i love the howe sound! not only do they brew up some fabulous beer not only do they find greener ways to brew and serve that beer but now they're teaming up with cpaws and trying to save some fishies too! i do love eating fishies it would be a crying shame if they all disappeared... and how handy that just by drinking beer i can help save them win win, i say, win win!

flying dog

for the most recent flying dog newsletter, click here i think i might just have to try their beer french toast recipe this weekend... (not with the suggested hefe though)

beer geekery

shari snapped this pic on her way home from mexico (not on the same trip as me and i bet she's more tanned than me too, but i digress)

kudos to me!

i am one of the beer blogs featured on the camra vancouver newsletter's "blogs of interest" does that mean i'm interesting??? "Blogs of Interest The following blogs have a primary focus on craft beer in Vancouver and British Columbia. These blogs present commentary of our local craft beer scene, and as such, contain content and opinions that CAMRA Vancouver may not share. We welcome your comments or suggestions." VancouverBeerBlog Brewed Awakening The Green Man B.C. Beer Blog Just Grapes Wine Beer in BC Urban Diner Miss604 Hoptopia Ladies of Craft Beer Flavoured Beer Reviews Women Love Beer Too VanEast Beer Blog Daughters of Beer Beck's Beer Blog Yet Another Damn Beer Blog What Chris Drinks Barley Mowat

drive you to drink

lord, i am not the most patient of people perhaps that's why i am driven to drink so often! i am very happy every week when beernesday rolls around because i know it will be good times drinking good beers with my friends and all my cares and worries and annoyances will drift away today's annoyance:  the ex who won't go away today's worry:  the child who isn't committed to finishing the school year today's care:  money can't wait to bid them all adieu in a couple of hours p.s. last night's birthday dinner for a friend was also a wonderful way to lose my cares thank dog for people who have their birthday dinners at establishments with hoppy ipas!

musings on my lack of sobriety

it hasn't even been a month since i started drinking again but i have me some thoughts on the happiness i get from drinking i like drinking especially beer i like to do it fairly often i like to do it with my friends i like to do it with my enemies, okay, well, it helps me think more of my enemies i like to do it in the morning i like to do it in the afternoon i like to do it in the evening i like to do it just to the point of social lubrication i do not like to do it to the point of illness having my first drink off-cleanse and on vacation was wonderful having several more later that evening was even better! good company, fun new places to visit and warm weather all combined to make it a fabulous night of intoxication, not all of it from the beers and margaritas (and don't get me started on the hot brazilians we ended our night with...) but seriously, there's something about the conviviality of drinking about the social lubrication of mild intoxication


a few pics from mexico...

more stuff

this fabulous news from central city: "Tomorrow our IPA will be going on tap at the Metropolitan Hotel in Vancouver. Head on down to 645 Howe Street and tell a tourist to try our award winning IPA!" and from howe sound brewery, their visit by shaw tv   and a new vp at pike brewing, click here for the newsletter


for brewdog's anti-valentine blog post, click here for beer pairing ideas, click here

brewdog and huffington post

brewdog claims ipa is dead! huffington post articles about: room temperature beers old beer recipe best vintage beer ads


and now for the most recent beernesday aka beers with a tan!!

huffington post

from the huffington post: microbreweries take to cans like ducks to water - for the article, click here ultimate superbowl six pack - for the belated article, click here


okay, trying again to post pics of the last beernesday i attended in january aka the time before i had a tan

beer news

from rogue and green flash: Highway 78 Collaboration Ale with Stone, Green Flash and Pizza Port - Release 2/14/11 On December 17th, Mitch Steele of  Stone Brewing , Chuck Silva of  Green Flash Brewing  and Jeff Bagby of  Pizza Port Carlsbad  collaborated on a new brew called  Highway 78 Scotch Ale . The name is based on the main road connecting the three Southern California-based breweries. The beer is ready and will be released on Monday, February 14. The beer is a Scotch Ale and checks in at 8.8% ABV. To learn more, watch the video: finally, for the elysian newsletter, click here

i'm ba-ack!

okay, hi, hello lovely to see you! back from vacation, all tanned and relaxed trying to re-size some photos in picassa so that i can upload some new ones... in the meantime, here are links to some recent brewdog blogs ipa in cans a look into the future edinburgh update brewdog bar opportunities 77 lager v blog