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Hopping Mad Cider Releases Limited Edition Vancouver Pride Can Vancouver, British Columbia.  In Hopping Mad Cider’s second year as the official cider for the Vancouver Pride Festival, a custom rainbow can will be released. Hitting BC stores in early July 2017, the limited edition can celebrates Vancouver’s Pride Festival and the LGBTQ2+ community. As an official partner of the Vancouver Pride Festival, Hopping Mad Cider will be available at events running from July 26 to Aug 6, 2017. The main event; the 39 th Annual Vancouver Pride Parade, and the Sunset Beach Festival, will be taking place Aug 6, 2017, and will be featuring Hopping Mad Cider samples, as well as availability in the beer garden area. After the 2016 partnership was a great success between Hopping Mad and the Vancouver Pride Society the custom can concept was developed. Hopping

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from the CBC website Beware of 'crafty' marketing,  beer columnist says Check out Rebecca Whyman's beer picks for this week CBC News   Posted: Jun 20, 2017 7:39 PM PT  Last Updated: Jun 20, 2017 7:39 PM PT A California beer drinker sued MillerCoors LLC in 2015, claiming their Blue Moon beer is not actually craft beer and marketing it as such was deceptive. Facebook Twitter Reddit Google Share Email Related Stories OTC Beer and Wine Are new B.C. craft breweries struggling to distinguish themselves? New model of craft brewing coming to Vancouver, says beer columnist Is the beer you drink craft? Or is it merely craftily marketed? On The Coast  beer columnist Rebecca Whyman says it can be hard to tell sometimes. Between acquisitions of craft breweries, shadow brands and marketing elements that make a beer look craft, there are several ways big breweries are creep

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Everyone knows that I'm a big fan of craft beer.  I extol the virtues of the local craft beer community and of drinking locally brewed beers at every opportunity, including on CBC Radio's On the Coast every second week.   But what about the other part of the beer industry, big beer, and how they’re using some questionable tactics to entice unwitting consumers? I have nothing against beer makers making and selling beer, be they large or small.  And I have no issues with people drinking beer they enjoy, whether its craft or macro. As a big fan of craft beer, though, I do like to make sure macro beer drinkers have been introduced to craft beer so they can make an educated decision when choosing the beers they drink! And I think that beer makers should be honest about the beers they’re making.  Unless you pay a lot of attention to the fine print and do your research, it is very easy to be taken in by  shadow brands  and crafty beers. Shadow brands  and crafty beers

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Wild Saison w/ Pear, Sarah Wheeler Live, Lakehouse Foods Our Award-winning Wild Saison with Pear back on Tap this Friday! Did you know that Luppolo recently won an award? We took home a bronze from the Canadian Brewing Awards for a Belgian-Style Brett Beer with our Wild Saison with Pear. In case you missed it last time, this delicious beer will be back on tap this Friday! With aromas of pineapple, citrus fruit, pear and subtle funk, this beer starts out tart and finishes smooth. Get it while you can!  

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Bend Before Brews! Beer yoga on the new patio all Summer long… Port Moody, BC : Stretch out your weekend by getting started at 10:30am on Sundays this summer. Start with yoga and Award winning craft beer, and see where the adventure takes you; steps from Rocky Point park on Brewers Row surrounded by delicious eateries and ice cream! For $25 participants receive equipment rental, an hour yoga session, followed by the most relaxing Pint or Flight they’ve ever had! There is a warm-up, a breathing exercise that teaches you to appreciate the nose of a beer, and an introduction to the core beer styles of Moody Ales, (in case you haven’t already been introduced). Ever wish at the end of yoga class that you could just stay in your final savasana, (drunk man’s pose), and chill out, with a beer? Well, this yoga class is made for you! Led by local yoga instructor Marion Flanagan, who has been teaching publicly since 2012. Now she is bringing her love of craft beer and fun times tog

seasonal release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Moody Ales brings back the Sublime Pineapple Hefeweizen for the Summer Port Moody, BC, Canada - June 7th - 2017.   The popular Sublime Pineapple Hefeweizen brewed by Moody Ales is back for the summer of ‘17! This beer takes a traditional German Hefeweizen that you know and love and pairs it with the refreshing character of our favourite summer fruit: the pineapple.  “We were inspired by our travel experiences to create a beer that reminded us of the beach when we weren’t there.” says co-founder Adam Crandall. “We wanted something with lower alcohol that was perfect for the patio.  We’ve kept the pineapple and sweetness balanced to make sure this beer is quenching and not too sweet - it’s a beer with pineapple flavours, not pineapple juice with beer in it - this balance was super important to us and I think we nailed it.” Besides pineapple you’ll also get some of the banana and wheat aromas and flavours you’ve come to love from classic Hefewe


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Parallel 49 Brewing Company Launches Tasting Room, Beer Store & Street Kitchen Restaurant   East Vancouver’s Parallel 49 Brewing Company has reconfigured its space to include a 20-tap tasting room and beer store, a full-service kitchen offering a street food-style menu, 40 brews on tap and a patio Vancouver, B.C. – June 8, 2017 – Parallel 49 Brewing Company is pleased to announce the opening of its new Tasting Room, Beer Store and Street Kitchen Restaurant. After months of planning and hard work, with a soft launch last week, the new space is now open to the public and includes a full service kitchen and restaurant offering street food-style favourites, 40 brews on tap and indoor and outdoor seating. The updated space also includes a tasting room and be