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brewing up gender parity

My article on gender parity is on the Growler website! BREWING UP GENDER PARITY: THE QUEST FOR BEERQUALITY REBECCA WHYMAN •  JUNE 13, 2019 Women are markedly underrepresented in craft beer. This is not news to anyone. But have you ruminated on just how large the gender gap is?  A 2018 survey by Nielsen-Harris  found American craft beer drinkers are 68.5 per cent male and 31.5 per cent female. Closer to home,  BeerMeBC’s 2018 survey  had those numbers at 71 and 29 per cent, with 0.32 per cent identifying as “other.” For those not so strong in the math department, that means that there are only three women drinking craft beer for every seven men. If you were a straight man looking for a date, you wouldn’t like those odds at all. And I can tell you, as one of those three women, it’s not much fun being outnumbered everywhere I go to enjoy my beloved craft beer, delightful as those seven men may be. Drinking craft beer is the easy part—when we move into the sections of craft

the end of an era

The grandfather of Canadian brewing passed away yesterday. What's Brewing captured a final salute from John Mitchell to the BC craft beer community. Cheers to you, John, for all you've done for the beverage and community we all love.