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advent calendars

it's almost november now and i can't grow a moustache (okay, well, i don't want to talk about whether or not i can) so, let's talk about beer advent calendars instead! Last year was a really good year with three advent calendars available in BC.   This year there will only be two here, the Phillips Snowbox and the Central City/Parallel 49 Craft Crossing. The original Craft Beer advent calendar won’t be available in BC this year .  Even though it contains beers from British Columbia’s Bridge, Townsite and Lighthouse Breweries, the Craft BeerAdvent Calendar is not being sold in BC due to beer regulations.  Gah!  Stupid red tape keeping the good people of BC from a third advent calendar. “The 2015 Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar features some cans and some bottles that are on the re-fill program and due to regulations which prohibit the mixing of such containers within the same package in BC, we will not be able to offer the Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar in British

beer column

my notes from yesterday evening's beer column on cbc radio one's on the coast with stephen quinn: As BC Craft Beer month comes to a close, fear not, there are more beer events coming up in November!! Sunday, November 8 - Beer Can Derby – at the Wise Hall, Vancouver Running from 1-5 p.m., this adults-only event will bring out the kid in you.  Make and race your own beer can car, down a 60 foot track.  Participants are encouraged to make their car before Sunday, but if you haven’t done so, you’ll still have time (and materials) to do so at the event.  There are three weight categories – for the cars, not the builders! – plus a best in show for the best looking car and a brewer’s cup to be won.  Trophies aren't all that's up for grabs either - there's a trip to Whistler, a cruiser bicycle and a home brew kit as well.  Proceeds are being donated to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.  Check out the website at for more details and to purchase ti

craft year craft beer

another fun october beer event in vancouver and another time i got asked to put my judgey-pants on! ccbc blog Craft Year, Craft Beer: an interview with the judges! Posted on  October 7, 2015 at 6:55 am   by  Tara Galuska Craft Year, Craft Beer our fundraiser is coming up! If you love beer, the handmade and artisanal then you’ll love this beer tasting and competition. The event will be held on October 22 ND , 2015 from 7:00 – 10:00 PM at VanDusen Botanical Garden and the money raised will support the CCBC and VanDusen. During the event guests can sample craft beers from 16 local breweries and participate in a silent auction of hand-crafted beer-related items by local artists. The public tasting will determine the People’s Choice Award and we will also announce the pre-juried winner of Craft Year, Craft Beer 2015! Why a craft beer to celebrate Craft Year 2015? Our shared values! We believe the craft beer movement is one of authenticity and innovation, which is in

link love

happy canadian thanksgiving!! best beer vacations: BEST BEER VACATIONS There are so many unique beer destinations across this great land! Whether it’s that farmhouse brewery in the middle of the country, a burgeoning beer city miles away, or a brand new brewery in your own state, we can show you where to find the best beer, coolest locations, and an awesome craft-beer culture with like-minded folks. Download this FREE Best Beer Vacations Guide and discover 5 of the best places to visit with craft beer in mind. craft year craft beer - this one's about me! ab inbev and sab miller NOT merging men's journal's 2015 100 best beers in the world craft beer in the philippines 10 best states to work in a brewery lynne went to austin texas - and drank beer uh oh, the buy-outs are starting in canada mill street blues, anyone? collective arts and nickel brook to open in time for me to visit them over christmas!

beer can derby

this sounds like a fun event! which brewery can build the fastest beer can car??? At the Beer Can Derby, contestants make race cars out of beer cans and run them down a giant track (kind of like Matchbox or Kub Kars, but for adults). Prizes will be given to both the fastest and best-looking cars. Attendees are encouraged to make their cars beforehand, but we will have plenty of parts available at the main event to make cars. Our main event is event Sunday, November 8, from 1-5 PM. We’ve built an amazing track for our inaugural event: 64 feet long with a minimum starting height of 8 feet before another drop off the stage–should be amazeballs! We have prizes for three racing classes (based on can size) as well as a prize for the best-looking car overall. There is also a Brewer’s Cup to see which brewery is the fastest. With the help of our premier partner, West Coast Canning, and the entire lower mainland brewing community, 100 percent of the proceeds from this event go to the Great


woohoo! i'm off to mexico! time to celebrate the birth of one of my favourite humans, with excessive margaritas and sunshine and some craft beer too i'm looking forward to seeing how los muertos brewing is fairing a couple of years since opening i was last there 18 months ago (watching the seahawks win the superbowl) and they were settling in nicely, having solved their wort cooling issues i see they've brewed some ipas since then - hopefully at least one will be on tap this week for me to try and then there's cerveceria union, who brew that lovely minerva lager on-site, as well as carrying many different mexican craft beers it's gonna be a really great trip!

craft beer market

coming up at craft beer market this month: OCTOBER EVENTS   October 11  - Happy Thanksgiving! We're thankful for our families, friends and for your continued support! We would not be here without you - cheers. October 21 -  Fall Winter menu launch. Come and try one of our new dishes using seasonal ingredients. October 27  - Cicerone vs Sommelier Brewmaster's Dinner - tickets available  here ! October 31  - Happy Halloween! You can also check out our  events page  which is updated weekly for all the details.

tempests in tea pots

or i guess tempests in mash tuns will a visit by stephen harper to a brewery in east van (a historically ndp riding) mean that all the harper-haters will stop buying that brewery's beer? frankly, not many beer geeks i know drink that beer anyway... without having done ANY reading on the matter, i weigh in with a whopping big who cares? regardless of the dismantling harper has done to our lovely country, it is still a free one he can hold meetings wherever he'd like and breweries can rent out their space to whoever asks and i can drink what i want and so can you

brewer vs brewer

awww, two of my favourite beer geeks are featured in the lastest edition of the growler ! Brewers Matt Anderson and Danny Seeton discuss the birth of Vancouver beer culture. — Jonny Healy photo

election day

celebrate or drown your sorrows: Mark your ballot! After the longest federal election campaign in recent history… it’s time to vote. On October 19th, exercise your right to vote. And then… come join us for a BEER at the inaugural Election Cask Battle Royale! Who: ·          Big Rock Urban, Moon Under Water, Real Cask, and Faculty Brewing What:   After you’ve exercised your right to vote… cast one more ballot for CRAFT BEER in the inaugural  Election Cask Battle Royale . ·          $10 to participate which gets you a 6oz glass of each cask and a ballot to vote for your favourite brew. $2 from every vote will be donated to the BC Craft Brewers Guild in celebration of Craft Beer Month. ·          10% off food in the Big Rock Urban Eatery when you come in with your “I VOTED” pin. Federal election coverage will be shown in both the restaurant and lounge so you can stay connected. Where: ·          Big Rock Urban Brewery & Eatery - 310 West 4 th

new release

Green Reaper Returns! October 5th, 2015: It's hop harvest season and Green Reaper, our annual fresh-hop IPA, is back!  This year's Reaper uses Vancouver Island barley malted right here at our malting facility!  We are so excited to be able to partner with local farmers to use island-grown grain in our brews, that we've updated our name to Phillips Brewing & Malting Co! On the hop side of things Green Reaper is packed with fresh centennial hops which were shipped straight from Sartori Farm in Chilliwack and into our brew kettle. Grapefruit aroma and flavours are underpinned with slight floral hints.  This IPA remains subtly sweet, featuring a vibrancy and delicacy that can only come from full-cone, never-dried hops. Harvest your bottle at private craft-focused liquor stores