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From Harvest to Hearth, Quinto Quarto Returns to ROMA
Campagnolo ROMA to Host Fall Themed Nose-to-Tail Dinner on October 14


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Vancouver B.C., October 1, 2015 - Campagnolo Roma is set to host a memorable Quinto Quarto dinner honouring the whole animal as well as British Columbia's exceptional autumn bounty on Wednesday, October 14. Quinto Quarto is held at Campagnolo's East Hastings location only a few times per year in recognition of the important Roman culinary tradition of nose-to-tail cooking. This particular dinner will celebrate fall's harvest, combining unique cuts of meat known as the fifth quarter (quinto quarto) with seasonal produce sourced directly from the farm, and paired with beer from Powell St. and Strange Fellows breweries. Tickets for Quinto Quarto Harvest are $78 and can be purchased at

Quinto Quarto Harvest Menu* 

Cured and Smoked Fraser Valley Lamb Belly in Brioche 

Roasted Blue Foot Chicken Wings with Mayonnaise 

Warm Puntarelle Salad 
crispy pig's ear, citrus, pig brain vinaigrette 

Slow Cooked & Grilled Pork Tongue 
traditional balsamic vinegar 

Smoked Octopus 
warm fingerling potatoes, vinegared ink sauce 

Spaghetti Verde 
red sea urchin, cured egg yolk, chives 

Fifth Quarter Fritto 
Chilliwack sweet corn polenta, turkey egg 

Pork Cotechino & Liver Sausage 
cauliflower, brown butter, pickled raisin salsa verde 

Stuffed Beef Heart ‘Bollito Misto’ 
veal brain, autumn vegetables 

Wild B.C. Mushrooms & Pig Trotter Croquette 

Coronation Grape Sorbetto 
foie gras, grape caramel 

White Chocolate Tart 
caramelized crown bacon

*This menu is subject to change due to seasonality and availability of ingredients. 

Quinto Quarto: Harvest Details 
Wednesday, October 14

$78 (includes gratuity, dinner and beer) + Eventbrite service charge and tax.


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