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this was a fun column to write. it's not quite so fun now that i know the results of the election... Celebrate the Brew-nited States election with these beer ideas Whether you're celebrating or lamenting the results, here are some local beers to keep you company CBC News   Posted: Nov 08, 2016 5:43 PM PT  Last Updated: Nov 08, 2016 5:43 PM PT No matter how you feel about the U.S. election, at least we can all agree that beer is great. (Mike Segar, Carlos Barria/Reuters) Facebook Twitter Reddit Google Share Email Related Stories OTC Beer and Wine Missed the B.C. Beer Awards? Here are some winning brews to check out Check out these fresh picks for fresh-hopped beer Whether you'll be celebrating or commiserating after hearing the U.S. election results tonight, On The Coast beer columnist Rebecca Whyman has some beer options for you. "Whether you're drowni

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from my files for CBC's On the Coast: On November 19 th  head over to the Yaletown Brewpub.  They’re hosting an all IPA caskival.  Just show up at 11:30 and get your $20 passport to try all 11 casks. This Saturday (November 12), Burnaby is hosting the second annual BurnabyBeer Fest at SpaceKraft on Kingsway.  There will be 30 beers and tasty appetizers to sample while you’re entertained by live music.  And there are three sessions to choose from.  Tickets are available on EventBrite. Luppolo Brewing has opened its doors!  With a soft opening on October 28 th they swelled the ranks of ‘Yeast Van’ breweries.  Their tasting room is beautiful, and they opened with a strong line up of 7 beers on tap.  Go visit them at 1123 Venables.  I’d also like to congratulate Luppolo for winning the judge’s choice at Celebrate Craft... Beer last weekend, for their fresh hopped Belgian rye IPA. Tomorrow (November 9) at Faculty Brewing you can enjoy a pastrami on rye with your beer

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my suggestions for surviving the US presidential election: What should you drink tonight? Craft beer, obviously! And since I'm in lovely BC, I'm going to list a bunch of local beers: You could decide by beer names: Whatever you think of the candidates, Brassneck Brewing probably has a beer named for it.  Stop by the tasting room to fill a growler of Dark Place, Mr. Personality, One Trick Pony, Passive Aggressive, No Brainer, Old Money or Sticks and Stones.  Or stay at the tasting room to enjoy a television-free environment and blissfully ignore the whole crazy circus! Maybe you’re really not a fan of either candidate.  Perhaps a Jerkface 9000 from Parallel 49 would taste good to you.  It’s an easy drinking American wheat ale dry hopped with Mosaic Hops. Light and refreshing with a tropical hop punch, it just might you feel better about the whole thing. (5%, available in six packs of bottles).  Parallel 49 also has a pair of cask beers on tap this evening at t