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oh those macro breweries!

if the news broken by modern times brewing is correct, then ab-inbev has just fucked the little guy, again. when ab-inbev merged with sabmiller, they took over the sab hop farms in south africa who do you think is getting all those hops now? only breweries owned by the megalith ab-inbev so all those north american craft breweries that were using them, just lost them read all about it: beer advocate the drunken goat casa agria facebook proclamation ales facebook

cbc website

from the cbc website A beer by any other name: sexism in craft beer labels Beer columnist Rebecca Whyman weighs in on controversial labels and marketing CBC News   Posted: May 10, 2017 5:00 PM PT  Last Updated: May 10, 2017 5:00 PM PT Steamworks Summer Ale is one of Rebecca Whyman's beer picks for this week, and she highlighted the sunny label as one of the things she likes about it. (Steamworks Beer/Facebook ) 74 shares Facebook Twitter Reddit Google Share Email Related Stories B.C. craft brewers know how to share the love, columnist says Are new B.C. craft breweries struggling to distinguish themselves? New model of craft brewing coming to Vancouver, says beer columnist Don't forget a pretzel necklace: 5 tips for a better beer festival experience It is getting harder and harder to find unique beer names as more breweries enter the market, but the supply of offensive

sexism in beer

from my beer column on cbc radio one's on the coast with stephen quinn yesterday: It is getting harder and harder to find unique beer names.  As more breweries and beers enter the market, more names are trademarked and no longer available for use.  Amidst all the ‘cease and desist’ letters flying around, there may be another controversy brewing.    Is beer becoming a soap opera?  And so are the suds of our lives...  It does seem like it sometimes!   While any service industry would make for a good soap opera setting, I think what’s happening in the beer industry is just good old fashioned growing pains, though. Brewers and beer marketers love a good beer pun.  But with so many beers needing names, there is a shortage of not-yet-trademarked puns left out there.  If you can’t be punny, then how about edgy?  Sometimes breweries are going past edgy though, and into the land of offensive names.  I would give some examples, but I’m afraid you might find them offensive!  Ser