name a beer

phillips brewing wants help renaming one of their beers:

We love our IRA, we love the package, but the name is a bit of a mouthful.

Help us RE-NAME this Beer

After a few sips, "Coulrophobia" is a bit of a mouthful

We love our India Red Ale, but after a few sips we have a bit of trouble pronouncing the name "Coulrophobia" [cool-row-foh-bee-yah].  The recipe and the package will remain the same, but we want a name that's as easy to say as the beer is to drink!

We know you've got some great ideas kicking around upstairs, so grab a couple of brews and submit your idea!  From the submission we'll create a shortlist of options and then do a vote to determine the final name.  If it's your name you will win 2 round-trip plane tickets to Las Vegas from Vancouver, 2 nights in a hotel, and 2 tickets to revel in your clown-themed brilliance at Cirque Du Soleil!!

To submit your idea head over to our facebook page and click the RE-NAME THIS BEER! tab just below our cover photo.

For more details please see the official rules below:
  1. Must be 19+ and a Canadian citizen to enter.
  2. No purchase required.
  3. Name nominations will run from 9am (PST) March 27th until midnight (PST) April 3rd.
  4. Participants may submit one name per day.
  5. Voting on finalists will run from 9am (PST) April 6th to midnight (PST) April 10th.
  6. The WINNER will be the person who submitted the name that wins the vote.
  7. In the event that multiple people submitted the same name, the FIRST person who submitted the name will win.
  8. Prize is 2 round-trip tickets from Vancouver to Las Vegas, 2 nights in one hotel room in Las Vegas, and 2 tickets to Cirque Du Soleil
    1. Two date options will be provided by Phillips Brewing Company.
    2. In the event that the winner prefers a different date or wants to upgrade or change any portion of their trip, Phillips Brewing Company will provide $1500 towards their trip.


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