i have been meaning to do a post about craft cider for a couple of weeks now
(ever since camra's ciderwise event, in fact)
and now the georgia straight has beaten me to it!

i was fortunate enough to be sent a sample of the bc tree fruits cider, broken ladder, at the beginning of the month - in a lovely wooden box, with accompanying branded glassware
i have nothing but good things to say about the cider
it's crisp, it's tart, it's incredibly drinkable and it's a local product
so much win!

i am also a big fan of cider riot's offerings
and not just because i find the cidermaker himself very attractive!
abe makes the ciders in the cidery he built at his house in portland and imports them to vancouver (via copper & theory)
if you can find any of the "never give an inch" blackberry cider, buy it!
the "everybody pogo" is a dry, hoppy cider and is available year round so it should be relatively easy to find in vancouver

then there's merridale cider's ghost that has been on tap at the alibi room for both the 500th and the 600th list celebrations
it's a limited release fermentation / distillation crossover that is scarily delicious
(see what i did there?!)

at ciderwise i was introduced to the txotx isastegi
(or properly introduced, as i did have some of the isastegi on new year's eve...)
mmmm, basque cider!
aside from the ceremony of pouring it from a height, the tartness makes this one i want to drink a lot more of

also standing out for me at ciderwise were the limited release reverend nat's ciders being poured by the lads at untapped
hoppy and sour are such great flavours
i like 'em in my cider as well as my beer

on the hoppy theme, my favourite cider is the hop & stalk from 2 towns ciderhouse
not actually available in canada, this seasonal offering from corvallis, oregon is the perfect blend of tart and bitter and effervescent
i am hoping to have some of the limited release brought to me in june
you'll all know it arrived by the joyous sounds ripping through east van!


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