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things that changed my life

I'm not talking big things here, people.  Just some little things that made a huge impact on my contentment level: - prescription sunglasses I don't know why I was so late to the game!  I've had prescription glasses for many years - but I only need them when I want to see things more than a few feet away from me.  Okay, so that's most of the time... but somehow I kept buying regular lens sunglasses.  Until I was caught having to drive in blinding sunlight.  I borrowed my brother's prescription sunglasses and my mind was blown! Total game-changer for me. - neck-support pillows These are so wonderful, I don't think there are enough words to express how much better my sleep is now that my neck doesn't kink up.  They ain't pretty.  And they don't fit standard pillow cases.  But damn, are they comfy!  I have actually taken to making my own pillow cases for them because I hated how baggy standard cases were.  I do love an excuse to have to craft some

where craft meets craft

If you’re a maker, or want to be one, there are a couple of BC breweries offering the chance to be crafty while drinking craft beer. I’m an avid knitter, usually on my own, but welcome the opportunity to connect with other knitters.  Sure, there are lots of stitch and bitch sessions held at my local yarn stores.   But I'm lazy - those local yarn stores aren't in my neighbourhood and I just can't seem to muster the get up and go to leave my house on a dark wintery night. With  a knit night I get to go hang out with other knitters (and crocheters – a skill I do not yet possess), AND drink beer.   It’s the perfect combination of two of my great loves, and a low-key night out!   Plus Strange Fellows and Andina are both quite close to my place.  That combination is all the motivation I need to get out and socialize. And judging by the ever increasing number of people at Strange Fellows every month, I’m not the only one who has been craving this kind of meet-up.