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Double Down on Red

2 seasonal red ale releases

April 11th, 2013 - We doubled down, spun the brewlette wheel, and landed on red--but these two red ale seasonal releases are no gamble.

The Double Dragon Imperial Red Ale is back in the ring to go another round with your taste buds, while the Twisted Oak Red Ale, carefully crafted and slowly conditioned in freshly emptied rum barrels, makes its debut.

On Thursday April 11th from 4pm-6pm, we'll be hosting a special tasting of this primary coloured pair, so don't gamble on what may be your only chance to try these special releases from the tap.

Here's a little breakdown of each brew:
Twisted Oak Red Ale - 6.8% - 650mL

This Twisted Oak special release is matured in freshly emptied rum barrels, where it transforms from fiery red colour to a deep amber, and is wrapped in soft roast flavours and velvety sugarcane sweetness.

But unlike its Scotch-Ale cousin, this Twisted Oak release is only available for a limited time at craft-focused private liquor stores. Best enjoyed in a snifter at cellar temp (4C).
Double Dragon Imperial Red Ale - 8.2% - 650mL

The Double Dragon Imperial Red Ale is back once again! It strikes quickly with roundhouse hop kicks that are balanced by a formidable 8.2% rich malt body. Ultimately this majestic beer, brewed deep copper red, is big enough to slay even the strongest thirst.

Available for a limited time at craft-friendly private liquor stores and the Phillips Brewing dojo.


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