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from bomber brewing:


PARK LIFE Passion Fruit Ale: The sun comes out and this city comes alive!
Whether it's hiking, biking, skimboarding, sailing, softball, or anywhere in between,
Vancouverites know where to be on a nice day. With Park Life, our latest seasonal 
release, we like to think we've put a little sunshine in a can. This refreshing American 
Blonde Ale is infused with passion fruit puree for a crisp, tart flavour and full tropical 
aroma. Park Life is sure to pair well with barbecue, picnic fare, and all your sunny
weather activites.

About Park Life:

Appearance: Cloudy, lemon yellow, bright white head

Aroma: Passion fruit, light hoppy undertones

Flavour: Pronounced passion fruit flavour, clean beer finish

Mouthfeel: Light-bodied with medium-high carbonation

ABV = 4.5%     

Original Gravity = 1.045

Bitterness = 15 IBU

Colour = 5 SRM

     Park Life is available now in kegs, six-pack 355ml cans,

     and on tap in the Bomber Brewing tasting room.

from spinnakers:

Spinnakers is turning 31 this year, and we are celebrating this year with a twist. Spinnakers SnakeBite, a cold fermented beer blended with our house cider celebrates a year that has brought many changes and exciting new ventures for Spinnakers.

This light, crisp, cold fermented beer blended with our house formulated all BC apple cider is both a celebration of our entry into cider production, and a milestone of the 31st Anniversary of Canada's Oldest Brewpub...Spinnakers.

Release date: May 15th, 2015


from phillips:

Raspberry Wheat Ale

Raspberry Wheat Ale
- 5% - 650mL

May 5th - There's a big berry stain marked on our calendar as the Raspberry Wheat Ale hits the shelves once again.  It's one of our original releases that, for us, is as synonymous to summer as sunshine.  Brewed as dry, crisp wheat ale, fresh raspberry puree is added at the end of fermentation allowing fruit sweetness to permeate the beer without overpowering the delicate wheat characteristics.
This summer staple pours a deep red colour with a bubblegum pink head, and is available in 650mL bottles from your favourite craft-focused liquor store.

Come on down to the brewery for a free draught tasting and help us toast to summer! The fun goes down this Thursday from 4-6.


STUMP Coastal Forest Gin

Not only influenced by British Columbia, but actually made from it!

May 4th 2015: We are incredibly excited to announce that STUMP Coastal Forest Gin is hitting private BC Liquor Stores around Victoria this week, with Metro Vancouver, the Interior, and the rest of Vancouver Island to follow next week! With summer on the doorstep, this gin is ready to refresh patios everywhere, and is the perfect partner to the handcrafted line of tonics released this past December.

The gin is a crafted with hand-foraged herbs and botanicals grown right here in British Columbia.  Juniper, cascade hops, grand fir, bay laurel, coriander and lavender are distilled into a flavour profile that proudly reflects the province of their origin. Bright pine freshness accents deep old-growth forest flavours with a rich, velvety mouth feel that finishes smooth.

Released under the Phillips Fermentorium Distilling umbrella, STUMP is crafted entirely in-house. The gin is first distilled on a 1920’s British-made still affectionately christened ‘Old George’ before being delicately redistilled in a new German-built refractory still. Finally, STUMP is refined one more time with BC-grown botanicals creating a spirit that not only reflects our British Columbian environment, but is actually made from it!

STUMP Coastal Forest gin is available now in BC from your local craft-focused private liquor store.

For more information on the distilling side of Phillips Brewing, please head over to

You will  able to pick up a bottle of STUMP very soon from your local craft-focused private liquor store.

from brewdog:

fresh off the bottling line
Today sees the launch of two seriously cool beers. First off we have the latest release from our ground-breaking Abstrakt beer series; Abstrakt AB:18 - An Imperial Brown Ale aged in rum casks on Scottish berries, blended with fresh Black Ale. We also have a sessionable twist on a classic BrewDog beer with Hello My Name Is Little Ingrid - A session-strength take on our Swedish cloudberry-infused IPA.


Abstrakt AB:18
AB:18 began life as an Imperial Brown Ale before we bombarded it with Scottish tayberries and purple raspberries and locked it away in rum barrels for two years, infusing rich dark fruit flavours and oaky warmth into the mix.
In a 21st century tribute to the ancient London tradition of blending stock and young ales, we then carefully blended it with a fresh & hoppy batch of specially brewed Black Ale, adding a burst of blackcurrant and citrus to this complex Imperial Brown.

Little Ingrid

Hello My Name Is Little Ingrid
This beer hits all the high-points of Hello My Name is Ingrid – with one important exception. Brewed at 4.4% abv, Little Ingrid is a session-strength version of our cloudberry-infused celebration of all that is epic about Sweden.
The zesty balance of citrus from the four different hops is just as pronounced as in the original, complementing the addition of fresh Scandinavian cloudberries at every turn. This results in a refreshing, tart finish to the beer, which at session-strength makes it perfect for relaxing with under the never-setting sun.


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