it's vancouver craft beer week, so there won't be much on the blog this week...

but here's a link to what I did a couple of weeks ago: judged the homebrew entered in the samley cup

and a new release:

Two Phillips brews now in the tall can section of your local private liquor store!
Blue Buck & Short Wave West Coast Pale Ale Released in 473mL Tall Cans!

June 1st, 2015 - Craft beer lovers can toast to summer with two new Phillips tall cans!  Blue Buck and a brand new brew called Short Wave West Coast Pale Ale are joining the Amnesiac King Can in the tall can section of your favourite private liquor store. 

Blue Buck is a noble beast that has inhabited the fridges and coolers of craft beer enthusiasts in bottle and can six packs for some time now, but with this new format Buck lovers have even more flexibility in how they choose to enjoy the brew.  Short Wave is a brand new pale ale where a medium malt body is electrified with a healthy dose of bright American hops until sweetness and bitterness are dialed to balance.   Both of these pocket-sized cans are packing a full-flavoured punch, making them the perfect partner for wherever your next adventure may take you!

Blue Buck and Short Wave tall cans are available from private, craft focused liquor stores in the tall can section.  If you happen to be in our neck of the woods, come on down to the brewery this Wednesday from 4-6 for a special tasting celebrating the release of Short Wave and Blue Buck.

For more info on each beer please see below:

Raspberry Wheat Ale

Short Wave West Coast Pale Ale
- 5% - 473mL

Scan through the static and discover the Short Wave.  This wireless beer transmitter pours a beautiful sunset orange colour with a pillow white head.  A medium, malt-forward body is electrified with bright citrus hops until sweetness and bitter are dialed to balance.

Enjoy this frequency frequently.

Blue Buck Ale - 5% - 473mL

Blue Buck is now proudly available in single serve 473mL tall cans.  This noble beast pours a light amber colour with a straw head, soft aromas of citrus and hints of pine lead to a robust malt flavour accented with toasted caramel undertones. Its light and balanced mouthfeel finishes refreshingly crisp.



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