i am an equity punk
if you wanna become one too, you can use my referral code of R456736
you could help me get stuff!
Here's a reminder of those gifts up for grabs
5 Referrals
You will receive three bottles of an exclusive, barrel-aged edition of Hinterland, an oatmeal milk stout with vanilla pods & cacao, only available by securing referrals. You'll also get your paws on a signed copy of Business for Punks, the book about BrewDog's business story penned by co founder, James.
10 Referrals
Double figures! You will receive a personalised Liberty growler engraved with your name and shareholder number, plus £20 beer bucks to fill it at a BrewDog bar you now own a part of.
20 Referrals
Score! That's one personalised VIPUNK Dickies workshirt embroidered with your shareholder number winging its way to you, plus a personalised set of stemmed-schooner glassware!
40 Referrals
Hard work pays off - pack your bags, you're heading for an all-expenses-paid trip to the brewery to brew an exclusive beer with James & Martin and join them for a beer dinner at MUSA.


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