legacy liquor store

new and exciting beers at legacy liquor store in vancouver:

Russell Luck of the Irish - $6.95
A locally brewed beer to celebrate St. Patrick's Day the right way. Rich red in colour courtesy of roasted barley, its palate of toffee and caramel make this malt forward beverage a must for any Irish festivity.
Driftwood Twenty Pounder - $8.95
When has Driftwood ever done us wrong? Their Double IPA drops an IBU bomb of Cascadian citrus hop, with citrus and everything nice bouncing around on the nose and palate. Pick it up before it rolls out the door.
Tuatara Mix 6 - $23.85
From Pilsner to Porter this special New Zealand six-pack has something for everyone, showcasing Tuatara Brewery, New Zealand and the local craft beer scene.
i had the 20 pounder last night
as good as i remember it from last year!


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