legacy liquor store

new and exciting beers at legacy liquor store in vancouver:

Gigantic Brewing - The End of Reason - $9.95
Portland is known as a Mecca of great craft breweries and this Belgian Strong Ale, albeit closer to a petite quad, definitely reaffirms the fact. Rich Caramel and Malt with a heavy body make for a unique and tasty beer.
Parallel 49 - Lord of the Hops - $6.70
The fine proprietors of Parallel 49 have been hitting home runs since day one and Lord of the Hops is batting a thousand. The foundation of this hop party is an amazing nose, backed up by a beautiful combination of citrus and west coast pine.
8 Wired Brewing - Super Conductor - $10.55
New Zealand has been rolling out some stellar craft beer and Super Conductor is certainly no slouch. Bitter, tropical and so much more, this Double IPA wears its tropical fruits with pride. Let's hope the Kiwis can keep their superb brews rolling.
they also have a bin end sale on right now, which includes beer
what's better than beer on sale?
(free beer of course, but this is close, no?)


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