legacy liquor store

blergh, i've been a bit under the weather
not a great start to a long weekend
but fortunately the amazing vancouver weather has healing qualities
(or maybe it was the beer)
and i'm on the mend - with a tan!

new beers at legacy liquor store in vancouver:

Southern Tier – Imperial Mokah - $13.15
Exclusively at Legacy, this east coast beer packs a serious punch. Jamaican coffee beans and Belgian chocolate are the stars of this dark and powerful brew, with serious malt and a touch of bitterness making it a beer best enjoyed with dessert.
Alameda – Rose City Red - $7.45
Named after the Rose City, this beer pours red amber in colour and has hoppy floral notes on the nose. Malt, brown sugar and caramel balance well with the Nugget hops used in the brewing process. The laidback lifestyle of Portland, Oregon is complimented by this easy drinking red.
Hofbrau – Schwarze Weisse - $5.15
Straight from the heart of Germany, this Schwarze Weisse is chestnut in colour and has a nose of roasted malt, caramel and spicy cloves. Bread, wheat and banana represent the palate of this quaffable brew from Munich, the perfect example of German beer craft.


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