new hops

so many new hop varietals, so little time...
first i've heard of el dorado hops was from the brewdog website about their new 'ipa is dead' single hop series:

James' Tasting Notes:
El Dorado
The Pacific North West of America is home to the brand spanking new El Dorado Hop. America is not just about cheer-leaders, a silly version of football, elastic top jeans and cheeseburgers. They grow remarkable hops and El Dorado is a killer example of this, embodying all that is good about American hops and then some. A new hop on the block, it may even seduce you into thinking the American Dream is not just a catch phrase to sell movies and elect Presidents. Fearfully hard to resist, this beer is loaded with tropical fruits, pear, watermelon, candy floss and stone fruit. Devilishly moreish.

apparently flying dog, new belgium and firestone walker have been brewing with them...
flying dog's single hopped ipa got a 90 on

i must try these hops!


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