can no one just provide a straight-forward, simple answer to a direct question any more?
look how frustrated i am, i'm talking in huge generalities!

i have been trying for the past couple of days to find out if vancouver breweries and distilleries can just up and start selling each others' products with no further ado.
do you suppose the city or the province could tell me?

my tweet to @CityofVancouver August 3rd:

"Do local breweries & distilleries need to do anything before they start selling each others' drinks under the new BC law?"

tweet from @CityofVancouver August 4th:

"Morning! I would suggest contacting the LCLB in regards to the Liquor Control and Licensing Act [link to Liquor Control and Licensing Branch page at website]"

my tweet to @CityofVancouver August 4th:

"Thanks but I need to know if the City will allow breweries to sell hard liquor, and distilleries to sell beer, wine & cider"

tweet from @CityofVancouver August 5th:

"Haven't heard anything from city end but these decisions are taken at the provincial level. Check with @BCGovNews"

tweet from @BCGovNews August 5th:

"Distilleries, wineries, cideries & breweries can now sell liquor they don't produce [link to July 28, 2015 BC News page titled "B.C. serves up new options for liquor producers"]"

my tweet to @CityofVancouver and @BCGovNews August 5, 2015:

"So no red tape, additional licenses or permits? Just go ahead and sell it?"

tweet from @BCGovNews August 6, 2015:

"For answers to your #BCLiquor Q's call the LCLB helpline 1-866-209-2111 or read the policy [link to the Policy Directive No. 15-07]"

in part the policy reads : "No application is required but LCLB recommends that licensees check with their local government, to ensure there are no restrictions (such as through zoning) on the types of liquor that may be served."

which is what i'm trying to do here!

i get that the province makes big broad decisions without notice, that the municipalities then have to scramble to work into their by-laws and policies
but c'mon people, someone has to have an answer!

so of course, i felt compelled to tweet them both again...

"Thanks. Policy says to check with local government, which is what I'm trying to do here!"

i'm @beernesday if anyone would like to jump into the fray
or better yet, offer me an actual answer!


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