another beer-related kickstarter campaign is on its way
i'll have the link once it's live
but in the meantime, here's the low-down
(and, of course, i would never suggest anyone break any laws):

Lolo lids is the new way to hide your drink while keeping it cool from the sun.  Simply snap your beer or can of choice into the bottom of the lid and pop it into your coffee cup.  Lolo lids fits almost all to go cups including Starbucks, 7-eleven or Van Huet to name a few.  The can inside is suspended from the lid so it forms an air barrier that keeps your drink colder longer than a traditional beer cozy.  Lolo also features an ergonomically designed lid thats nicer to drink out than a can and the extra breather hole keeps it flowing smooth.

The perfect thing about a Lolo lid is when you’re done with it, simply recycle your can and cup, and throw the lid in your pocket for next time. I love when I’m travelling and I can drink on the streets, parks, and on the beach. However, until local laws catch up with the rest of the world, Lolo’s my solution.


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