san francisco

i'm off to san francisco this weekend
for weekend #1 in a row of 3 that i will be out of town for in search of beer
(there are many heavily armed people and dogs at my house while i'm gone, btw)

i'm playing in a soccer tournament - with beer in hand - most of the time i'm there
but i still have grandiose plans to hit some of the following:

city beer
21st amendment
cellarmaker brewing
pi bar
magnolia brewpub
monk's kettle

i haven't been back to sf in a long time
like years... maybe five of them
i used to go there alllll the time
but then i got busy doing other things and going other places
and now most of my friends have left the city
just in time for it to go totally beer crazy

so many beers
so little time
always the same old story


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