grey cup

i'm off to winterpeg for grey cup!

i'm very interested in seeing what passes for "craft beer" at the sports bar in my hotel
and at the "craft beer concert series" the city is running each night

seeing as there are only two craft breweries in the whole province, i'm expecting some imports
(fort garry and half pints)
please, please, please, please let them be actual craft and not crafty!

still, if they manage to serve actual craft beer in a province that only has two craft breweries, they will put vancouver to shame
we have a zillion craft breweries (113 according to the craft brewers guild) and yet couldn't manage to offer any of them at grey cup events last year
so, my fingers are crossed
inside several pairs of mittens, but crossed!

just looking at the beer list for the 150 taps at barley brothers stadium location
not the greatest list, but it has more options than i have hours to drink there, so i'll be fine
although i wonder about that red racer that comes from america...


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