folk fest

i managed to spend a little time on my vancouver folk fest weekend in the beer garden
serving up only big rock products, its not my favourite beer garden
but if that's what's on offer
and i get a mighty thirst
i'm gonna find a way to make it work!

for me, the way to make it work again this year was to go the route of the snake-bite
even though snake bites were actually on the menu this year
i still had to throw a spanner into the works and get my snake-bites with the traditional ale instead of the grasshopper wheat

judging by the fact that they ran out of cider by 4:00 on sunday afternoon, i'd have to say the cider and snake-bite options were popular!

mimi enjoys the balmy weather on sunday with a big rock grasshopper
chip off the old block double-fists it with traditional ale


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