new and exciting beers at legacy vancouver:

Whistler Brewing Pineapple Express Wheat Ale A perfect excuse to kick back and enjoy a few. This golden beauty's just the ticket. This one's as fresh as a warm breeze - straight from the shores of Maui.

Russell 626 Anniversary Scotch Ale This strong, dark ale was brewed with Scottish specialty peated malts for a slightly smoky character, then skillfully aged in Bourbon barrels - a beer to celebrate Russell's 17th Anniversary!

Hofstettner Granit Bock 2011 The Granit Bock is brewed in large granite open troughs. The granite stones are then heated to be white hot and added to the wort. This causes the sugars in the malt to caramelize around the stones and gives the beer lovely caramel and roasted flavors. It also gives the Granit Bock a unique smoked flavor.


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