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new beers at legacy liquor store in vancouver:

Unibroue - Éphémère Cherry - $7.30

We’ve all had a number of offerings from the Quebec-based Unibroue, but Cherry Éphémère is certainly perfect for the season at hand. Peach in colour with a lovely pink head paired with wheat and cherries in the aroma followed by more of the same on the palate, this is a well-balanced and superior summer brew.

Tasted by Evan Doan Beer Team at Legacy Liquor Store

8 Wired Brewing - Rewired Brown Ale - $10.55

It’s a brown ale revolution! Hailing from New Zealand, Rewired aims to pull brown ale back from the precipice, pouring the same colour as a dark red brick with a nose of citrus hops, caramel, malt and chestnuts. All these flavours play their own roles on the palate, too, in combination with a medium body and delicious finish, to make for a truly exciting brown ale.

Tasted by Chris Bonnallie Beer Supervisor at Legacy Liquor Store

Whistler Brewing Company - Chai-Maple Ale - $7.25

A mild ale with springtime spice has arrived for these warm spring days. With maple syrup added to the mash and chai to the filtration process, this beer pours a dark bronze with notes of malt, maple and chai in the bouquet. Even more maple and chai are found on the palate to help create a solid brew for those long spring afternoons.

Tasted by Conor Marshall Beer Team at Legacy Liquor Store
Scaldis - Blonde Ale Tripel - $14.05

The Belgians know what they’re doing when it comes to beer, and this Scaldis is testament to that. Lemon in colour, this blonde ale shows citrus, spices (cloves and cinnamon) and a hint of Belgian yeast on the nose followed by more citrus, sweet spices and green fruit (pears to be precise) on the palate with a surprisingly dry and lingering finish.

Tasted by Chris Bonnallie Beer Supervisor at Legacy Liquor Store

Lakefront Brewery - Rendezvous Biere de Garde - $8.35

From the great state of Wisconsin, in the city of Milwaukee situated on the shores of Lake Michigan, comes a little piece of Northern France. This fine French-style ale pours a hazy dark orange while emitting an aroma of sweet malt and coriander. In the mouth, malt and honey fade into yeast and spice with a smooth palate-coating finish.

Tasted by Joel Wilson Beer Team at Legacy Liquor Store

Moon Under Water Brewery - Brewvic Maibock - $7.55

Victoria’s local home brewing club (BrewVIC) and Moon Under Water have come together to brew a delicious Maibock using malts sourced from the Skagit Valley and single-hopped with Meridian. Pouring a golden brown in colour with sweet malt on the nose, more malt follows through on the palate accompanied by a typical German-hop characteristic. A smooth finish rounds this beer out.

Tasted by Evan Doan Beer Team at Legacy Liquor Store

MOA - Pale Ale - $11.35

This New Zealand beer takes the idea of American Pale Ale and runs with it, utilizing famous Cascade and Nelson Sauvin hops in the brew. Orange in colour with aromas of tropical fruit, flowers and citrus that press through to make an appearance on the palate of this tasty Kiwi gem.

Tasted by Chris Bonnallie Beer Supervisor at Legacy Liquor Store

Brasserie du Bocq - Blanche de Namur - $12.55

A family-owned brewery first established in 1858 is responsible for this Belgian wit. Coriander, orange zest and spice dominate the nose of this cloudy yellow wheat beer, while on the palate even more orange zest and spice are found with subtle notes of wheat. Crisp, dry and refreshing.

Tasted by Conor Marshall at Legacy Liquor Store

American Brewing Co. - Flying Monkey - $7.55

Our friends across the border have been hard at work to bring you this particular brew. Hazy orange in colour when poured into a glass with a nose of citrus, pine and a touch of malt, aromas that show through on the palate with more citrus and pine to help complete the beer. A special release in honour of Emerald City Comicon, which should be on your radar.

Tasted by Mike Dolan Beer Team at Legacy Liquor Store


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