new beers at legacy liquor store in vancouver:

Breakside Brewery - India Pale Ale - $7.85
You’ve all been asking for it, and it’s finally happened! Breakside beers have finally landed in our cooler. This Portland brew pours a beautiful transparent orange with a pile of citrus and citrus hops on the nose. More citrus in the form of grapefruit and orange accompanied with a bit of pine on a malt background represent the palate, while a medium body and dry finish close out this tasty Oregon treat.

Evan Doan | Beer Team | Legacy Liquor Store

Pyramid Brewing - Hefeweizen - $6.65

It’s time for some Hefeweizen, and these west coast gentlemen have produced a fine rendition of this cloudy and delicious beverage. A hazy pale lemon with wheat, grass, slight orange essence and floral hops can all be found on the nose, aromas that carry through on the palate with a touch of lemon tartness on the finish. Crisp and refreshing, it’s a fabulous Hefe for any thirsty individual.

Mike Dolan | Beer Team | Legacy Liquor Store

Townsite Brewing - Said the Ale - $7.55

Part of the CBC music radio craft beer collaboration, ‘Said the Ale’ is a Belgian pale ale from the folks in Powell River pouring dark copper in colour, with notes of dark fruit and yeast as well as herbal hops in its bouquet. Raisin and dark malt are the stars on the palate with herbal hops playing backup as a dry finish rounds out this delicious beer.

Chris Bonnallie | Beer Supervisor | Legacy Liquor Store


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