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beer tasting workout - train to be a better beer taster
(do they mean train to find better beer to taste, or train to be more adept at distinguishing beer flavours?)

is the craft beer boom going to go bust?
the national post seems to think so
although they do get a few beer facts wrong
like the bitterest brews in vancouver being from 35 to 70 ibus...
and "craft beer's bold flavours appeal to the pallets of the few" is both simplistic and mis-spelled
p'shaw!  but i love that vancouver's craft beer gets exposure in the national post

jan zeschky on howe sound brewing's continued success
and awards at the north american brewing awards

vancouver craft beer week was good for the economy
not surprising, but nice to see some stats released in advance of the public getting a say in tasting room rules

why intelligent people drink more alcohol


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