great canadian beer festival - part 2

oh gcbf!
oh the good times!
oh the good beers!
oh thank dog there were no cameras at certain after-parties!

first of all, let me extole the virtues of flying from vancouver to victoria
so quick, so easy, so fun!
(caveat:  i would not want to be on that tiny plane if there was ANY turbulence though - that would be very, very, very frightening)
i left from my office at 5:45 on friday evening
and i was in victoria by 7:00 for the start of the copper & theory tap takeover at the guild
so civilized!

watching the pre-flight safety film on an ipad
the guild was a fun venue
although, as nigel from the alibi room ironically pointed out, it was a hard place to socialize properly as you had to be seated to be served - darned restaurant licenses!
i had hoped to have some beer & cheddar soup or welsh rarebit, but alas they don't do either of them vegetarian
instead i ate other people's curry & chips
as for beer, i stuck with the gigantic ipa because gosh darnit, that's what i was in the mood for
i did sample all the uprights that passed by me though
for quality assurance purposes of course

saturday dawned rainy and coolish
after an enormous breakfast at spoons we hit the park
it brightened up as we drank our way through remaining casks and never-tried-befores
for the run-down on those though, you'll have to wait, cuz i'm outta time right now


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